Are you
reporting on false marketing data?

There's no question you need to get analytics on your site as Universal will become archaic starting July 1, 2023. You have taken matters into your own hands and you've taken the step to get GA4 installed. With our friends at DataDrivenU, we've prepared a checklist so you can install GA4 on your site today.
Can you trust the data that is coming through your Google Analytics 4 account?
Is the data painting a true picture of what is happening on your website?

Installing GA4 is the first step but configuring it properly is where things can get hairy. Universal and GA4 are two different data models so the learning curve can be steep, especially if you are DIYing.

You cannot effectively market to people if you do not understand your marketing data or that data is steering you in the wrong direction.
We have a team of GA4 experts to make sure your data is valid and pointing you in the right direction. You can choose from our FREE quick audit that gives you a glance at where some issues may lie or a manual audit performed by our team of experts.

Free DIY Audit

Get an overview of how your GA4 is set up and where potential issues are. This gives you a precise start to where you need to focus your efforts.
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Manual Audit

Unlock the power of GA4 by maximizing it to its full potential with an audit led by our GA4 experts. Get started today!
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